Client Testimonials

“I appreciate Aging My Way Home Care’s ability to pick the perfect caregiver for each person’s individual needs. A family member has just hired their services and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how everything has been so far. Thank you for giving her assistance, someone to talk to, and a little more excitement in her life.”

– Ms. Jones

“After my recent surgery, my family was unable to pick me up the morning I was being released from the hospital. Their Welcome Home Program was a perfect solution. The employee was kind, attentive, respectful and professional during the 4 hours she cared for me. My family was relieved that I was being looked after until they were able to arrive.”

– C. Martin

“Aging My Way is a wonderful agency with outstanding and caring staff. During my stay in Port Moody, staff from Aging My Way made it possible by assisting me with my personal care in the morning and afternoon. I plan to recommend this agency to anyone who is in need of assistance.”

– Janelle

“I love this Home Care services. They are very professional, compassionate and friendly. They have been providing services for my best friend for more than a year now and not once, have I encountered a problem with their services. They are always willing to help. They do not push any services on clients and take the time to customize each client’s needs. That is what separates them from the competition, in addition to being compassionate and always willing to help. They even helped me celebrate my friend’s birthday and went out their way to provide me with guidance, referrals and actual help to make the whole experience memorable for our senior friend. Thumbs up!! I highly recommend this Home Care agency. You will not regret hiring them to care for your loved ones.”

– Georgina B

“Aging My Way was recommended to me by a neighbour and I have found them to be the epitome of the service that they offer. I have been happy to recommend them myself to others and very much appreciated the caring and professionalism of the whole team. My wife considered the care givers to be her friends giving me peace of mind when away from home.”

–  Clive E.

“I would highly recommend AMW Home Care! Roberta and her staff have cared for my 97 year old mother since a heart attack, followed by several strokes, in 2016. They are very professional as well as kind and caring. Mum thinks of her caregivers as family… what higher recommendation could there be! Scheduling is well done and they are very accommodating to requested changes. They are responsive to our particular needs and always ready to help, with a smile!”

– Nora B.

“Roberta and all her wonderful staff have been with my mother for over four years. They have provided an invaluable service and enriched mom’s life as she settled into a life after a stroke and ongoing dementia. My brother and I live in Manitoba and Nova Scotia so having their team at mom’s side has been extremely comforting. They are well trained and develop specific care plans for each client. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.”

– Mark M.

“My husband and I would and have highly recommended Aging My Way Home Care. We have just reached our 3rd anniversary with AMW taking care of my 92 year old mother in law with dementia.
I can’t praise all of them enough for their professionalism, big hearts, humor and care. Reberta is available by phone, any time you have conserns and quiet calmness is so nice to see with her yearly in person Xmas visits to start the holiday season. This one on one to catch up, see the client and patient is warming and gives you a chance to voice any issues you may have.
Rebecca, office administrator is an angel! Her patience and kindness is overwhelming when scheduling the caregivers to your needs and ever changing situations that that arise. Her warmth and efficiency shine thru every communication.
Sheilah, forgive me for title error, caregiver Supervisor and assistant administrator. Sheilah may not say much, but is amazing at reading and assessing the situation of the client in a short time. Her words of advice should you have a problem will catch you off guard with how much knowledge, sympathy, and concern she has for all. She is always available.
The caregivers are a great bunch of wonderful people and such compassion, lots of energy, a smiling face, big hearts and humor for any occasion that requires it. Oh lots of professionalism, following your individual requirements for the patient, skills, experiences and lots of care. In the past 3 years we have seen for various reasons 7 different caregivers. Each having their own personality and unique approach to the same situation. Watching them become caregivers to the patient, support to the patient and family, and willingness to share a story and laugh is very heart warming.
As a whole this organization is a smoothly running business with client and patient always first. Compared to the management of others we have tried, these people are tops!”

– Brenda E.

“When I was first introduced to the services that Aging My Way Home offered in November 2016, I was a tiny bit concerned how it may actually work for Mom. What a surprise I got ! ha ! About a couple weeks into the service, I asked Mom how things were going with the service. Her reply was sincerely honest, ‘ the lady’ is really nice, we have great conversations’. A little while after that, I asked Mom again how things are going with her contact, Angela. Ha ! Mom quickly replied , ‘Oh! I really like her’. Hummm, this is working. A year or so goes by and I asked Mom once again, ‘ how are things going with Angela these days?. Her reply was, ‘ Oh we have lots of fun, I really like her…..We’re good friends now and we can talk about anything’ Now that is much more than anyone can expect.”

“A couple times a year, Angela and I may happen to meet at visits with Mom. Those meetings are fun. Its just like meeting up with a good family member. Angela goes way above and beyond your expectations. If you want to know what’s been going on or conditions of your love one, the company has a book they leave with comments from the care giver at every visit. A quick glance once in a while will bring you up to date. If there were any concerns, Aging My Way Care would let you know quick enough with a phone call.”

“I’d say, do your loved one a favour they deserve, have someone other than a family member visit on a regular basis where the loved one can actually depend on and confide into. Do yourself a favour…call Aging My Way Home and live in peace.”

– Barry P.

Caregiver Testimonials

“Lovely caring ladies run this company. They are meticulously great at making sure the clients ‘ needs are met with safety precautions in place. Very well run!”

– Laura C.

“I could not be happier working as a caregiver for Aging My Way. Roberta, Rebecca, Sheilah and the rest of the AMW team have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. The training I have received has been extensive and they value our input. No matter what time of day, they are available to answer any questions or concerns. I have never seen a care provider that is as knowledgeable in many different aspects of care as they are.”

– Lorrie N.

“I really enjoy working at Aging My Way as a caregiver. The Management team is so amazing, your made to feel like your part of a family. They work with you on a schedule that fits in with your needs and really listen to your concerns. It’s rewarding working for a wonderful company that provides a service that enriches the lives of seniors whether in their own homes or care home facilities.”

– Angela J

“I have had the pleasure of working for Aging My Way for over 4 years now. I have found this company to have high values. The people they choose to hire are people of great compassion and commitment to the people who use our service. Aging my way values the importance of family and treats every client and team member as such. We appreciate how difficult it can be on a family to take care of an aging parent or family member. That’s we’re Aging my way comes in. I have met so many wonderful people since I have started working for this company. I have learned so much about the different aspects of aging due to the training we are given on a continuous basis. My clients are family to me as they are to the whole team at Aging My Way. I would never hesitate recommending AMW to anyone looking for someone to Care for their loved one. Our service is respectful to your needs and wants for your loved ones.”

– Loriann P.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a great learning tool, the Certified Companion Aid (CCA) Program. I was a CNA working for several nursing homes, but this program is so comprehensive I can’t compare it to the certification program for nursing assistants. The program provides a more detailed description of what senior care is really about. The chapters look at the senior as a whole person. The program also presents detailed information and diagrams every CNA or home healthcare professional should have. The CCA program guarantees each senior has the best care available. Thank you again.”

“I did not have a lot of formal [education] as a caregiver and the CCA program helped me to gain a better knowledge of what to expect as a caregiver and how to deal with certain situations. The instructional material was interesting and I think that it has given me more confidence as a caregiver.”

“The CCA program has taught me to be a more well-rounded caregiver. Instead of just being proficient at meeting the clients’ physical needs, I now feel more prepared to meet their nutritional, social, emotional and spiritual needs, as well.”